My name is Robert J Hairston. I am currently enrolled with the New York Institute of Photography in their Professional Photography Course. I am an avid photographer.

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I started into photography a few years back because I have an obsession with all types of techno-gizmos. At the time, I had never really thought about it but over the years, but I had continued to upgrade my point and shoot cameras over the years and was never satisfied with the photo quality I was getting. This is when I was finally introduced to a DSLR. I bought my first DSLR used, off craigslist, and I don't think the thing ever came off Auto mode. To be honest, it was a piece of junk with an even worse lens attached to it. I still wasn't happy with the results in my photo quality. I ditched the camera for a while until I returned again to the world of digital photography this time, with a Canon T2i w/ a 50mm f/1.8.

Finally! I had achieved the quality I was looking for in my photos. Having the T2i, my hobby never turned too serious until I upgraded camera bodies and I bought the Canon 60d. By this point, I was beginning to take photography seriously, joining Flickr groups and competing in weekly themed contests (and winning). It was then that I decided to enroll in NYIP.

After a (too) long hiatus, I have once again return to digital photography, this time on team Nikon ready to finish what I started. This webpage is a dedication to my hard work, my experiences along the way, and the pursuit of capturing a frame that was better than the last.